With what was initially supposed to be just a helping hand to me, with no intentions of acquiring any money or recognition, just a favor for a friend, Ty planned and coordinated my entire wedding. She did it just because she loved planning events and organizing details and helping people. When all was said and done my husband’s and my parents were so astonished and pleased with the overall outcome, they gave her a substantial monetary gift for making their children’s wedding day one to remember always. And we have! This is why when Ty asked us to write this, we were able to do so without reservation. And we highly recommend her services to anyone who wants a job done beautifully and efficiently.

~ Lisa + Todd

*This was my very first wedding. And I keep this testimonial at the top as a reminder of where I started 20+ years ago before having a wedding planning business was even a thought. I was still a junior in college.

Our wedding day was the BEST DAY EVER!!!  Working with Ty and her staff was amazing. As the bride I was never stressed throughout the entire planning process and my husband was happy because I was happy. Ty listened to everything detail that I wanted and she made it happen – all while staying in our budget. She knew exactly where to find the deals so I would have the wedding of my dreams that we could afford. She even negotiated with the venue that I wanted to bring into our budget. I was so happy!  On our wedding day, Ty and her staff were extremely attentive making sure we had everything we needed. Ty and her staff kept everything on schedule and the wedding and reception went perfectly! My husband and I were blown away by the decor of our wedding.  I had a picture in my head of how it would look but how Ty and her staff brought it to life was beyond my imagination.  Our wedding was absolutely gorgeous! And the food! It was so good! I’m so glad Ty was able to get that venue for us! Over a year later we still have people telling us that our wedding was one of the best weddings they’ve ever been to. All my guests were amazed by Ty’s work. My husband and I will be forever grateful to God for blessing us with Ty and her staff and giving us our BEST DAY EVER! ❤

~ Daniel + Kerrian

Ty is amazing! From our very first meeting (and every subsequent meeting) she made me feel very comfortable. She is personable, funny, kind, and nurturing. She was more organized than I could ever be – which I think is saying a lot! Her spreadsheets, templates, and contact with our vendors and wedding party astounded me and made my job so easy! She truly ensured that I had nothing to worry about on my wedding day. 

When I struggled with a decision or how to handle setbacks/challenges, she offered ideas and solutions. With little guidance from me, her team ensured that our venues were beautifully decorated and made the setup and clean-up process seamless. I think my favorite part about her services was offering to handle certain family members who thought the day was theirs.

Ty went above and beyond what I expected from a day-of coordinator. She was so integral to the success of our day and I cannot recommend her and her team enough. If I could go back and do it all again, I would have hired Ty to do the whole thing! I have so much confidence in her professionalism, eye for design, and follow-through. You won’t regret having Life and Style Events with you on your big day. Much Love,

~ Mackenzie + Bobby

Our experience working Ty as our day-of coordinator was amazing. We got everything that we expected topped with professionalism, punctuality and care. From the beginning, our consultation meetings were very organized and focused. Ty did a great job taking all of my DIY materials to the location, coordinating with vendors and making sure that everyone knew where to go. The settings were beautifully placed and every detail was attended to by her and her staff.

Our timeline was perfect; we never felt rushed and had plenty of time to enjoy every minute. We highly recommend her services to couples like us who want to turn it all over and feel assured that you have the wedding day you always dreamed.

~ Kristen + Desmond

Very rarely can someone take your vision and execute it to perfection leaving you in awe of what your mind created. Ty and her team made this vision possible for us! Our wedding was like a page out of a fairytale book and that is sincerely owed to the work performed by Ty and her team. We were completely calm on the day of the wedding and did not stress about anything. If last minute worries existed…we knew nothing of them because she sheltered us with reassurance, preparedness and joy on our special day. Ty was always available to answer our questions and deal with my “crazy”. Because of Ty, we forgot about every dollar spent on our wedding as none of that mattered once we were engulfed in the moment that her team worked tirelessly to create. We are real people and this is a real testimonial written straight from our hearts. We truly do not know how we would have pulled off our wedding without her and have received numerous compliments from our guests. The value of her services far outweighed the actual costs. She is truly a special gift. Thank you Ty!!!!

~ Melodee + Stephan

Team LASE, a million thank you’s is not enough. I cannot imagine how that day would have turned out without you all there. I am still laughing about that bathroom scene minutes before I was due to walk down the aisle. Got real intimate in there; and probably not on the list of services you regularly offer. But that was a memorable moment I’m not likely to forget and a true testament to the extents you will go for your brides. Brides reading this, you will NOT be disappointed with their service; it is impeccable and beyond worth the investment.

~ Tiffani + Jack

Soulan and I would like to thank you for providing brilliant guidance, incomparable support, and priceless personal direction with our wedding. It was the best day of our lives and it would not have been possible without your calm and professional services. You were able to see our vision and bring it to life right before our eyes. Your impeccable attention to detail allowed us to relinquish control and trust of the most important event of our lives. It was beautiful and simply perfect. Thank you for everything.

~ Kisha + Soulan

Looking back on our wedding date, we realize the old saying is true — it takes two to marry and three to plan a wedding. Like most brides-to-be, my wife had visions of her dream wedding in vivid detail. However, we didn’t know where to begin. Planning a wedding is hard work! That’s when ELITE stepped in and helped make our fairytale come true. Seriously, I feel like I slayed the dragon and married the princess. What’s even more amazing is that although every detail was carefully planned, the evening turned out to be more than what we could have EVER imagined.  From the planning, the facilitation, and the execution, our wedding went off without a hitch (pun intended), and we have Ty Hill and her wonderful staff to thank for making our dream day come true.  We love you Ty and thank you for planning our dream wedding and turning it into a signature event to remember.

~ Shanitra + Christopher

Love. Adoration. Lifelong commitment. Fear! Anxiety! RELIEF!  …These words and so many more best describe the mixed thoughts and emotions we felt on the day of our wedding. June 21, 2019. One of the best days we would ever enjoy together:  it represents our courage to devote ourselves to one another for life! By 7pm, the attendees were present, flowers were set, and the reception hall was ready with all the tables arranged with place settings. Did we remember everything? If we didn’t, it no longer mattered. A love story 15 years in the making would now become a spiritual union and stamped with the blessing of Happily Ever After. Thank you Ty and LASE Team for getting us through it all.

~ Meqqa + Robert